• Toddler Scratch Game

App Title Toddler Scratch Game 1.0.6

Latest Release Date October 4, 2013

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Toddler Scratch Game

3 great picture games in 1! - and now with music.

The magic Toddler Scratch Game for kids lets your child scratch away the color to reveal a secret hidden underneath, or add colors to grey images to complete an existing picture. There are princesses, cats, dogs, cars and many, many more pictures to discover.

Also included is the magic water coloring game which lets you add colors to existing black and white images to complete the picture.

The third game is a magic painting game that lets you paint over the pictures to create your own work of art.

The magic toddler game include:

  • Scratch card game
  • Watercoloer game
  • Painting game

This children's game is suitable for all ages.